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oh my god
I have to get out of here

Anonymous asked: your blog is the best thing

aww thanks <33

voidas asked: love your blog!xx

thank you<33

zombiecomputerguy-deactivated20 asked: Love your blog. If you ever want to sext from a dominating, perverted crazy fucker, who lives inside his own head, it would be my pleasure. Just message me and I'll send my kik or skype accounts. Keep up the great job! :)

are you always this foreword or do you just like me?

I want you to hold me and touch me because even though it’s wrong it feels like stars exploding

I hate when people label grunge shit that isn’t grunge
bitch you don’t even know what grunge is

sucredaddy asked: Your blog is amazing :)

thank you <3 yours as well 

uuuuuuggghhhh fuck my family fuck relationships fuck love fuck everyone I just want to crawl into a hole and not have to feel anything

> Penis